About Us

Welcome to The Lip Balm Company™, where our focus is on how a healthy habit can put a huge smile on your face, literally! With over 100 lip balms lined up and waiting to be dropped weekly, The Lip Balm Company™ is all about opening the door to lip heaven. Between harsh weather, dryness, lipsticks, air conditioning, licking, handling, wrong products, more lipsticks, a lot of nervous picking at the lips, and the occasional peck, lips do have a rough time of it. And The Lip Balm Company™ is your guidewire to happy lips ever after. Yes, ever after.

But let’s start at the beginning.

After many a tough year of tending to rough lips, renowned dermatologist Dr Renita Rajan started a persistent and relentless endeavour to discover the Holy Grail of lip balms – a lip balm to treat sensitive lips. And after years of (re)searching, the ultimate lip balm was born, with its ability to treat and heal sensitive lips. And that was the functionality part. The fun part was that it would be found that lip balms could convey happiness as well. By infusing the lip balms with plant goodness and flavours, the lip balms would soon go from healers to enhancers, brighteners, lip lifters and mood elevators. The versatility of these lip balms resonated with actor Nayanthara, whose singularly exceptional career has been a solid crystallization of versatility and timelessness. It was a perfect sync of two like minded individuals whose discussions in the run up to TLBC were all about safety, efficacy and, of course, luxurious elegance – all of which are in the DNA of a TLBC lip balm! Now, you are looking at the rest of that history. The Lip Balm Company™ has sworn a promise to make only the best of the lip balms and lip balms from only the best of ingredients. We firmly believe that there is a lip balm for every pair of lips ever made and that it is our solemn duty to make a match between the two. Join us, travel with us, explore our offerings, and stop to smell the roses, oranges or apples -well, whatever delicious flavour that your lip balm carries. For, as we at The Lip Balm Company™ say, There’s always time for Lip Balm!