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Best Lip Balm for sensitive and chapped lips.

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It is easy to see why Nayanthara loves this lip balm!

Firstly, this is a super-rich hydrating lip balm, whose effects linger on, like a movie well relished. Like a true superstar, this lip mask appeals to everybody, men and women. And finally, It provides lasting relief, and long innings always defined great stardom. Need we say more as to why this lip balm is Nayanthara’s pick for you?

Based on your climate and ambient temperature, the LIPrepare™️ lip balms can have consistency between a soft mask and a more fluid lip slush kind of texture and flow. None of these changes affects the product efficacy or performance, rather these flow properties preserve and enhance the lip balm’s natural ability to repair. The wooden insulation is specifically designed to preserve the product’s tendency to glide over the lip and repair chapping.

Your Lip Balm is

Preservative Free

Free of Added Colors

Free of Artificial Flavours

Clinically Tested 


Microplastic Free

Sustainably Sourced

Cruelty Free