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Blue Light Defender Lip Balm Combo

Day and night combo to fight the damages of blue light.

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Presenting complete solutions for lip care, is something that The Lip Balm Company™ always aspires to.

And we have hit the target, with the perfect combo for the gadget user, who spends long hours in front of the computer or lives most of his or her life exposed to the phone's light.

The perfect day and night combo to fight the damages of blue light, 24X7, is here, with the Cherry Heavy and Blue Stopper joining hands together.

Use this combo in any way that works for you.

Cherry Heavy all day - then an hour of intense detox - then back to Cherry Heavy overnight.

Or you could pair this with a bedtime repair balm like Apple Co, or Peach Co.

You can also do a little Tang or Pure Tea over the day, and follow through with Blue Stopper for high-level lip detox, then provided added benefit with the Cherry Heavy. This routine works great if you work mostly in the evening hours.

Overall, multiple innovative ways to protect your pout from blue light!

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